At HYGEIA hospital, our team consists of specialized doctors (dental surgeons, implantologists and anesthesiologists) with extensive experience in the field of dental implants.  Within the hospital we cooperate with cardiologists and pathologists as well as with other medical doctors, who can provide any help in case it proves necessary.

Our team has placed a significant number of implants (over 70,000 implants) with great success in both the functional and the aesthetic field.

The placement of dental implants is performed after we first apply local anesthesia to the patient and sedation, if the patient chooses it.

The process of sedation is very favorable for the patient, as they do not feel anything during the surgical procedure. Furthermore, the postoperative symptoms are very mild given that we also administer postoperative medication to each patient.

The possibility of sedation is possible only in a hospital environment and always under the supervision of an anesthesiologist throughout the duration of the operation as the general health of the patient (heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen, etc.) must be monitored.

For many patients who consider the dental environment with fear or anxiety, the choice of sedation for the placement of implants is a solution making their treatment less stressful.

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