Modern implantology now lies in two concepts:

  • The first is implant placement on an existing underlying bone structure, including immediate implantation.
  • The second is implant placement in “unfavorable” areas of the mouth, due to:
    – Anatomical limitations
    – Bone loss due to injury or due to severe periodontitis

The anatomically unfavorable areas are usually the posterior areas of the jaws, where the sinus cavities exist (upper jaw) and the possible “short distance” of the inferior alveolar nerve structure from the alveolar ridge (lower jaw), which require special regeneration techniques.

The technique of lifting the floor of the sinus (with simultaneous implantation or with implantation in a later time) and the three-dimensional augmentation of the bone, (with simultaneous implantation or with implantation in a second phase), are now a daily practice for our department of dental implants and tissue regeneration of Hygeia Hospital, with success rates that now reach 100%.