Our scientific team was established by the pioneers Dimitrios Zamparas (director of ZAB implant specialists and director of the department of dental implants and tissue regeneration at Hygeia Hospital), Spyridon Bouboulis and Athanasios Spanos who have been working in the field of dental implantology since 1988.

We provide complete solutions of dental implant restorations (surgical placement of the implant body and the subsequent prosthetic components, as well as implant monitoring).

Of significance to a patient considering dental implants is that in the absence of bone, the implant placement procedure cannot be performed adequately. Thus, our team, pioneers in bone and tissue regeneration. Our goal is to augment (aka. Reform) the bone – if this is necessary – with bone graft materials so that the implants can be placed successfully.

Though we specialize mainly in implantology and bone regeneration, we also deal with classic restorative dental work, dental prosthodontics, and aesthetic dentistry.

Our  scientific team is further composed by doctors of all dental specialties including periodontist, endodontist, maxillofacial surgeon, pediatric dentist, as well as an orthodontist in order to cover all dental needs for the whole family.