At ΖΑΒ implant specialists “we can give you your smile back, we can make you laugh again”.

Owing to the highly professional training of our dental team at ZAB implant specialists, guided by the head of our team, Dr Dimitrios Zamparas, paired with our prolonged experience and use of advanced technology, we are able to provide patients/clients with a range of dental services designed for the whole family.

Given that the aim of implant placement is to provide the patient with an optimal solution, it is necessary to have long-term follow ups of your dental implants. Therefore, we apply an appropriate recall system every six months, where the implants are thoroughly reevaluated by our periodontist.

Recognizing the fact that the prospect of any dental treatment can be discouraging, our goal is to create a friendly atmosphere. The close relationship nurtured by our team with our patients, as well as the use of modern equipment and the high expertise of the team, will lead to optimal results.

At ZAB implant specialists we guarantee the long-term success of your implants. However, we ask you to maintain excellent oral hygiene of your implants and to be consistent with the follow ups every 6 months. After the end of your implant treatment, our team will provide you with a detailed consultation about how you should clean your implants.